Can the Terminator Be the Collectinator, Too?

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Compared to some of America's so-called Red States, California gets a bad deal from the federal government, bad enough to pay off the $8 billion deficit more than five times. Right now, there's a gap of almost $50 billion between what the state pays out in federal taxes and what it gets back. Tomorrow, Arnold Schwarzenegger will become the latest California governor to go to Washington and demand its ---fair share' of federal services. Will he have better luck than his predecessors? Can the largest Congressional delegation of all help the Governor out? We hear about his chances from Henry Brady, professor of political science and public policy at UC Berkeley, and Marc Sandalow, Washington Bureau Chief for the San Francisco Chronicle
  • Making News: Fraud Ring Taps into Californians' Credit Data
    Some 35,000 Californians have been notified that they're the victims of a massive identify theft. ChoicePoint, Inc. says credit reports, Social Security numbers and other personal information have been sold to fraudulent companies. Joseph Menn, who is reporting the story for the LA Times, has the details as well as useful hints on how to protect yourself. (To get your free annual credit report, call 877-322-8228, or go online at
  • Reporter's Notebook: No Kings Games as National Hockey League Cancels Season
    Both players and owners made major concessions, but they weren't enough. The National Hockey League today finally cancelled its season. What are the consequences for Los Angeles and Anaheim, homes to the Kings and the Mighty Ducks? Matt McHale, Deputy Sports Editor for the Daily News, predicts dark days for the Staples Center and Arrowhead Pond.

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