Can the US Afford an Exit Strategy in Colombia?

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President Bush wants a military withdrawal from Colombia, but that-s easier said than done. Last month, a light plane carrying four US civilians crashed in the Colombian jungle. Leftist rebels killed one American, but other three are still being held hostage. To help search for them, the Bush administration dispatched US troops. Though Colombia-s government wants the soldiers to stay and help fight its 40 year-old civil war, the new deployment comes at a time when the Administration is pledged to find an -exit strategy- to reduce its military presence. We hear about wars on drugs and terror the US military may be fighting, whether it wants to or not, from former officials of the US and Colombian governments, and the head of the Latin American Working Group, which promotes human rights, justice and sustainable development in the hemisphere.
  • Making News: LA Homeland Security Cabinet Meets for the First Time
    Even before September 11, Los Angeles was warned that it could be the target of terrorism. Today, Mayor Jim Hahn convened the first meeting of his newly formed Homeland Security Cabinet. Hahn says the new organization will improve an already good public safety system by enhancing coordination and collaboration among law enforcement and emergency preparedness agencies.

Mayor's news release on Homeland Security Cabinet meeting

Councilman Jack Weiss

Councilman Weiss- report, -Preparing LA for Terrorism-

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