Candidates Debate for LA Council's 4th District

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Term limits and resignations have totally reshaped the Los Angeles City Council from what it was just months ago. Its next evolution will occur a week from Tuesday with an election to fill the seat of the late John Ferraro, whose 4th district stretches from North Hollywood to Koreatown. Surviving a large primary vote were Tom La Bonge, long time chief field deputy for Ferraro and aide to former Mayor Richard Riordan, and Beth Garfield, a labor attorney and former elected President of the LA Community College Board of Trustees. We hear from them in a face to face confrontation.
  • Newsmaker: Governor Davis asks for 15 Percent Cut in Budget - Governor Davis today called for a 15 percent cut in state spending next year, exempting only public safety and fire fighting. Republican George Runner, vice-chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, says a general economic slowdown, events of September 11, and the as yet unsold energy bonds are to blame for the cutbacks.
  • Reporter's Notebook: National Guard at Our Nuclear Plants? - The Governor of New Jersey has sent his National Guard to protect nuclear power plants, and others are considering similar action. Ray Golden, spokesman for Southern California Edison, which operates the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, says the facility was designed, built and regularly testing for maximum safety.

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