Candidates Vie to Control State Treasury

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Although state treasurers don-t share much of the public spotlight, they wield significant clout, especially in California, where the treasurer sets up and executes billion-dollar loans and bond deals to finance state projects and purchases. We get the bottom line on investing, spending, credit ratings, legislative reform and the energy crisis from the major candidates who are squaring off to control the state-s purse strings. The incumbent, Democrat Phil Angelides, is a former business executive and developer who chaired the Democratic Party of California before he was elected treasurer in 1999. Challenger Greg Conlon, a former President of the California Public Utilities Commission, is an accountant who-s worked with one of the big five accounting firms for 30 years.
Managing Editor Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: Untangling the Mess after Opening West Coast Ports
    There-s been no sign of a work slowdown or a -work-to-rules- as dockworkers begin unloading hundreds of backlogged cargo ships. An emergency injunction earlier this week effectively ended the 10-day lockout that had shut down West Coast ports. Janice Hahn, City Councilwoman representing the communities around the port of LA, was there when truckers began lining up well before last night-s scheduled opening of the terminals.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Southern California-s Environmental -Reality Check-
    With Los Angeles projected to grow by six million people over the next 20 years, developers, planners, environmentalists and politicians joined forces today in a -growth visioning process- at USC-s Lusk Center for Real Estate. Evan Halper, staff writer for the LA Times, says that the conference focused on a mixed-use high-density approach to accommodating the region-s projected growth in housing and transportation needs.

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