Cardinal Sins?

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Accusations of child abuse against Roman Catholic priests cost Boston's archdiocese $85 million. In Orange County, it was $100 million. In the largest archdiocese in the country, $500 million to $1 billion could be at stake. Today, an "embarrassed, contrite and ashamed" L Archdiocese released documents showing what it knew, when it knew and what action it took about accusations of child abuse by 126 clergymen over the past 75 years. Michael Hennigan, attorney for the archdiocese, spoke on a conference call--and not for broadcast--saying the documents do not show a cover-up or that priests were transferred to hide their wrongdoing. We hear the latest revelations about an institution in denial until it was too late.
  • Making News: Schwarzenegger Fined for Campaign Finance Violations
    Governor Schwarzenegger campaigned against Sacramento's culture of money, but he's agreed to pay $15,000 in fines for violations of campaign reporting law during the recall election of 2003. John Wildermuth reports on politics for the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Downtown LA Hit by Third Power Outage in a Month
    Mayor Villaraigosa wants to know why the lights keep going out in downtown Los Angeles, including Los Angeles City Hall. Yesterday, the City Council chambers went dark, as did office buildings and traffic lights at busy intersections, in what was the third major outage in less than a month. Rick Orlov reports from City Hall for the Daily News.

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