Carly Fiorina: from Big-time Business to Big-time Politics

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She ran a Fortune 500 company, but she didn’t vote much in public elections.    Now, Carly Fiorina is running for high office. Tonight we’ll ask Fiorina why her record at Hewlett-Packard qualifies her for the Republican nomination against Democratic US Senator Barbara Boxer. Also tonight…the LA City Council cuts future financial ties with Arizona. Later on… its Obama and Karzai together again—this time at the White House.  Will a charm offensive get the President of Afghanistan to change his ways?  

Banner Image: PLEASANTON, CA - APRIL 15: Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina greets supporters during the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party April 15, 2010 in Pleasanton, California. The U.S. Securites and Exchange Commission has joined forces with Germany and Russia in investigating whether Hewlett-Packard, while under the command of then CEO Carly Fiorina, broke anti-bribery laws by allegedly paying out nearly $11miilion to Russian officials to secure business contracts. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)



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