Cartoons of Mohammed and the California Press

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Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed published in Europe are the subject of continuing demonstrations in some Muslim countries. Two people were killed during a protest today in Pakistan. In the United States, only a handful of American newspapers have showed their readers and viewers the cartoons and debate continues about whether a free press has the responsibility to show readers or viewers what the fuss is all about. Why haven't local papers published the drawings? How would American Muslims leaders have reacted? Is there a different standard for pictures offensive to Muslims--as opposed to Christians and Jews? We talk to the head of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, an LA Times columnist who tried unsuccessfully to get his paper to print them, a San Francisco editor who decided against publication.
  • Making News: LA Police Commission to Weigh Policy to Withhold Names of Cops
    Tomorrow morning the LA Police Commission will decide whether to reverse last week's decision to withhold the names of officers involved in police shootings. Yesterday, the Commission was admonished by State Senator Gloria Romero. If the Commission has any doubt about state law, Romero said she'll introduce a new one. Dan Laidman is a staff writer for the Daily News.

LA Police Commission on use of force incidents

LA Police Protective League

Laidman's article on state Senator Gloria Romero urging LA Police Commission to release names on officers involved in shootings



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