CBS Cancels Reagan Series: The Politics of Docudrama

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After a tidal wave of attacks from people who'd never seen it, CBS decided its four-part mini-series The Reagans was unfair to the living former President in declining health. Now, it will air on Showtime cable TV instead of the network. The network, which first got heat from conservatives, is accused of capitulating to political pressure. The producers are back in the editing room, working on programs that neither supporters nor critics have ever seen. We hear different views from Hollywood insiders. Was the decision based on principle--or -short-sighted corporate expediency?- We hear from an entertainment trade industry critic and a writer-producer-former director of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
  • Making News: Schwarzenegger Groping Allegations
    In Sacramento today, Bill Lockyer told reporters he advised Arnold Schwarzenegger that allegations of groping women -are not going to go away.- He said the Governor-elect was -very concerned- and -willing to have some form of independent third-party review.- Late today, Schwarzenegger-s communications director Rob Stuzman told reporters that the Attorney General had violated -the attorney client privilege.- Loyola Law professor Laurie Levinson examines the issue of attorney-client privilege.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Supermarket Strike
    Now in its fourth week, with no end in sight, the supermarket strike is having obvious effects on the grocery chains and striking workers. But the most vulnerable Southern Californians - poor families and the elderly - may be affected as well. KCRW-s Matt Holzman has the story.

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