Census 2000 - The Multi-Race Option

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The 2000 census, with its 60 racial categories, is providing an in-depth view of who we are, especially in multiracial California. Seven million of the country's 281 million residents checked multiple race boxes. Demographers say the results reflect the country's growing waves of immigrants and interracial marriages. While the increase from five categories in 1990 provides a clearer racial profile, do statistics translate into increased minority clout? We ask the Congresswoman who represents Watts, Willowbrook and Compton, and the head of the LA City Human Relations Commission (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: President Bush Reverses Promise to Curb Emissions - President Bush has reversed himself on a campaign promise by declining to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, a key contributor to global warming. His decision may put him back on an equal environmental footing his former presidential opponent, Al Gore. Andrew Revkin of The New York Times explains.
  • Reporter's Notebook: CSUN's Basketball Star Rising - Northridge, epicenter of the 1994 earthquake, is today the site of a potential Cinderella story. The Matadors of Cal State University Northridge, with impressive wins earlier this season, are preparing to take on Kansas, a true college basketball powerhouse. John Dagata, director of athletics for the student body, describes the atmosphere on campus.

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