Census Survey: California Housing Not Affordable

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According to the latest US Census Bureau survey, renters and homeowners in California spend much more for housing than other Americans. The middle class faces a crisis, lower-income residents a disaster as almost half of renters and a third of homeowners pay more of their income for housing than the federal government says they should. We join the head of a nonprofit organization that develops affordable low-income housing and Councilman Eric Garcetti, acting chair of the Housing and Community Development Committee, for a look at what's been promised by government leaders and what's being done.
  • Newsmaker: Panel of Economists Says Recession Began in March - The recession that began in March snapped the longest period of uninterrupted economic growth in US history, according to a panel of noted economists at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Edward Leamer, who heads the UCLA Anderson Forecast, says Southern California's diversity spared us the fate of our neighbors to the North.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Trauma Centers Might Suffer with Budget Cuts - LA's system of trauma centers, which almost collapsed last summer, is at risk again. Jim Lott, executive vice-president of the Healthcare Association of Southern California, points the finger at new state and federal budget cuts in healthcare and the exigencies of caring for an increasing number of uninsured and indigent patients.

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