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It's no secret that lay-offs are about to hit the newsroom and other departments of the Los Angeles Times. So far the change most noticed by readers is the firing of long-time columnist Bob Scheer, which produced a flood of angry letters and e-mails. Scheer came to the paper in 1976, and reported a vast range of stories from all over the world. Leaving the paper in 1993, he continued as a free-lance columnist, one who had original arguments for supporting Bill Clinton and opposing the war in Iraq. Did the Times fire Sheer for being too liberal? Is the paper turning conservative? We talk with Editorial Page Editor Andr--s Martinez, who says that Scheer's firing a unanimous decision by himself, publisher Jeff Johnson and four or five others. He also pointed out that the Times editorially opposed the war in Iraq and that it's taken many liberal positions, including support for gay marriage and opposition to the death penalty.
  • Making News: Governor Schwarzenegger in China
    Day one for Arnold Schwarzenegger in China was a rowdy reception fit for the international star of action movies. Day two featured a conference on energy, where the Governor used a solar chip from Silicon Valley. Carla Marinucci is covering the Governor's visit for the San Francisco Chronicle.

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