Charter Reform

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Jeff Brain : Co-chair, Valley Vote. Mark Ridley-Thomas: City Council member, represents the 8th district, home of the Empowerment Congress, a program of local councils. Sister Alice Callaghan : Director, Las Familias del Pueblos, a family community center on Skid Row. Marshall Diaz: Chair, Los Angeles County Latino Redistricting Coalition. Julie Butcher : General Manager, SEIU Local 347, the union that represents most city workers. Erwin Chemerinsky: Professor of Constitutional Law, USC. Chair of Los Angeles' Elected Charter Reform Commission. George Kieffer: Attorney with Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips; chair of the Los Angeles Charter Reform Commission appointed by the city council. Erin Aubrey: Staff Writer, LA Weekly Ambassador David Scheffer: US ambassador-at-large and Head of the US Delegation to the International Criminal Court Preparatory Committee.

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