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Congresswoman Maxine Waters: Democratic Representative from LA's 35th district. Joseph Finder: Writes on intelligence matters. Author, most recently, of the novel "The Zero Hour". Gary Webb: Investigative reporter, San Jose Mercury News. Wrote the Dark Alliance series published last summer. Leo Wolinsky: Metropolitan Editor, LA Times. Oversaw much of that paper's response to the San Jose Mercury News series. Kenneth Dedon Carr: Co-Chair, Crack the CIA Coalition. Cynthia McClain-Hill: Trial attorney, partner at McClain-Hill Cornwell Chao & Schropp. Founder of FOCUS 2000, a quarterly political newsletter. Dr. Jim Sidanious: Professor of political psychology at UCLA, specializing in social psychology and group conflict in Los Angeles. George Milburn: President, California Democratic Council, the traditionally left but long considered dead wing of the California Democratic Party. David Corn: Washington Editor, The Nation



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