Cities, Counties and Assembly React to Senate-s Budget

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When the high-tech bubble burst, California was left without all the monies the Legislature expected. The ensuing economic downturn helped produce a $38 billion gap between the state-s anticipated income and expenditures. Democrats didn-t want to cut programs, and Republicans refused to raise taxes. Last night, the state Senate finally passed a budget, putting pressure on the Assembly to go along and send the document no one likes to Governor Davis, who says he-ll hold his nose and sign it. Politicians agree that the compromise-s only virtue is that the state will be able to pay its bills until next year, when the same problems will reoccur. We get response to the budget from city, state and county officials, including Democratic and Republican Assembly members on the state Budget Committee, and LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.
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    He was born the year the Wright Brothers flew the first plane, made 75 films, 475 TV specials, and 1000 radio shows. He wrote 12 books and won countless awards, including the Medal of Freedom and a British knighthood. Bob Hope died last night in Toluca Lake at the age of 100. New York Times reporter Todd Purdum, who wrote an appreciation of Hope earlier this year, has more on the man who brought hope and joy to everyone. (This segment was originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)

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