Cities, Counties Face Major Cuts from Car Tax Repeal

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In his first act as Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger cut the vehicle license fee by $4 billion and promised a retroactive repayment to automobile owners. He also promised that cities and counties whose budgets depend on the car tax would not lose out. But their next monthly payment is due tomorrow, and now it turns out that the money-s not there. For Los Angeles County, as much as one third of the budget could be at stake. We hear some grim predictions about the future of parks, libraries, cops and firefighters from the executive director of the League of California Cities and LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, and get a response from the Governor's office.
  • Making News: Influenza Epidemic in California? Northern California media are reporting that influenza has risen to its highest level in eight years, with hospitals and clinics running out of vaccine. Medical authorities are trying to redistribute available flu vaccine in order to accommodate high-risk groups. So, what's it like in Southern California? Jonathan Fielding, director of the LA County Public Health Department, says while there's no cause for panic, it's prudent to take preventative measures.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Barbara Boxer on Republican Rivals
    Former Secretary of State Bill Jones, former US Treasurer Rosario Marin, former Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian, and former Small Business Administration official Toni Casey are all vying for the US Senate seat held by Barbara Boxer. The two-term Senate Democrat talks about her endorsements, her record and her rivals--none of whom, she says, have ever been elected to federal office.

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