Clinton in Colombia

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Yesterday President Clinton personally delivered the latest anti-drug plan to Colombia's President Andres Pastrana-.3 billion dollars in military and social assistance. The bulk of the aid package is for military equipment like attack helicopters, and for 500 army and intelligence instructors to train the Colombians. Critics worry that the U.S. risks slipping into another Vietnam, and that the aid will fuel human rights abuses, while pushing conflict into neighboring countries. Will the Clinton plan work? Why haven't similar approaches worked in the past? Will the U.S. be dragged into an un-winnable guerilla war?
  • Newsmaker: William Gould, former Chairman of the the National Labor Relations Board, discusses the decision to allow temporary workers to join company unions.
  • Reporter's Notebook: According to the 2000 census, minorities are now the majority in California. We talk with Cruz Bustamente, Lieutenant Governor of the state of California.



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