Comcast Launches Bid for Disney

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Walt Disney today posted bigger first-quarter profits than Wall Street expected, but Michael Eisner still may be in for more trouble. He-s been abandoned by Steve Jobs and Pixar, and he-s been fighting a revolt by key shareholders, including Roy Disney. Now he's facing a hostile bid by Comcast, America-s biggest cable company, which is offering $66 billion to bring the companies together in order to form an even bigger conglomerate. What would a merger mean for the entertainment industry? We hear from Carol Diorio, business editor of Variety, and author David Koenig, who has written several books about Disney.
  • Making News: Supermarket Strike Negotiations Resume after 7-Week Hiatus
    Last week, the supermarkets rejected binding arbitration with the United Food and Commercial Workers, who-ve been on strike for 4 months. Today, negotiations resumed. Nancy Cleeland, who has been covering the story for the LA Times, talks about the faltering strategy of the UFCW and the unwavering resolve of national grocery chains.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Former Compton Mayor Convicted for Using City Credit Cards
    The City of Compton-s former highest elected official used to call himself the -gangster mayor.- Tonight, Omar Bradley is sitting in jail, facing 5 years in prison for misusing $7500 in public funds. Erin Aubrey Kaplan, staff writer for the LA Weekly, looks at the man, the myth and his conviction for public misconduct.

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