Community Colleges Fighting Deep Budget Cuts

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Almost 3 million community college students are mad as hell and don-t want to take it any more. Tens of thousands already have been hit by budget cuts, with Governor Davis proposing more to come even as UC and the State Universities are getting more money. Thomas Nussbaum, chancellor of the community college system since 1996, is stepping down next year, but is using his last 9 months in office for what he calls a -huge fight.- We talk with the Chancellor, the Governor-s Secretary of Education, and a student leader who says it-s time for political action--on campus and off.
  • Making News: Two-Thirds of Those in Liberal Bay Area Support the War
    In the 2000 election, Republican candidate George Bush lost big in California, especially in the heavily Democratic San Francisco Bay area. Yet, the latest California Field Poll shows that even in San Francisco, Californians strongly support President Bush and the war in Iraq. Carla Marinucci, political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, says the results are big news in the traditionally anti-war area.

Field Poll on war support among Californians

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