Conflict Resolution

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From wars in the Balkans and the Middle East to labor disputes and family feuds, mediation is being touted as the way to contain conflicts and prevent them from turning violent. Today, we'll talk to the man who's an apostle of the so-called "third side". But, we'll also hear a warning that conflict resolution too often means peace at any price-with justice sacrificed to harmony. Then, we'll look at the role of mediation in the recent MTA strike.
  • Newsmaker: Today's Daily News reports what it calls "the most convincing evidence yet that smog retards" the development of children's lungs. James Gauderman, Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at UCS's Keck School of Medicine, talks about the study's findings on the long term impact of smog on children.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Environmentalists want to save Houston , Texas from a new cargo and cruise ship terminal planned for Galveston Bay. They're making the Ports of LA and Long Beach their prime example of what not to do.



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