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A panel of local and federal officials has named a monitor to oversee implementation of LAPD reforms. Michael Cherkasky, who has prosecuted New York mobsters, advised the grand jury in Orange County's bankruptcy, and uncovered the hidden assets of the rich and infamous, says his new five-year job may be his toughest assignment of all. We speak with Cherkasky about the Christopher Commission recommendations and what he hopes to accomplish, whether he'll take over for Chief Bernard Parks, and if he'll work with the rank and file as well as the brass.
  • Newsmaker: Padilla Adds Anti-Secession Committee to Council List - After less than a week as president of the Los Angeles City Council, Alex Padilla is already making changes. He's proposed a new committee to work with neighborhood councils and help build new schools. Padilla hopes the committee will soothe secessionists by giving neighborhoods a greater voice in city government.

Council President Alex Padilla

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