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In 1998 California voters approved a 50-cent a pack tax on cigarettes to help child development and get kids to stop smoking. Now, critics and taxpayer watchdogs are asking where the money is going and questioning the status of commissions established to administer the funds. Attorney Tom Hiltachk, who represented Cigarettes Cheaper in last year's unsuccessful attempt to repeal Prop. 10 with Prop. 28, voices some of those concerns. Actor-director Rob Reiner, who spearheaded Proposition 10, details several child development programs created as a result of the proposition's passing.
  • Newsmaker: LA City Council on Implementation of Consent Decree - USC law professor Erwin Chemerinsky and ACLU legal director Mark Rosenbaum have publicly noted the passing of deadlines to initiate LAPD reforms and name an independent monitor to oversee the consent decree. Cindy Miscosowski, who chairs the LA City Council's Public Safety Committee, provides a progress report.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Medical Marijuana - The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that Congress has banned the use of medical marijuana by federal statute. Robert Raich, who represented the Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative in the Supreme Court case, says that the decision will not greatly affect individual patients.

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