Conservancy Plan Envisions Green Watersheds in LA

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In a city of seven million people, it would take the collaborative efforts of individuals, local, state and federal officials, but open space advocates say it's never too soon to start designing for a greener Los Angeles. Now, a joint plan by the Rivers and Mountains Conservancies offers a plan for restoring the balance between our urban development and natural resources, beginning with the San Gabriel and Los Angeles Rivers. We take a look at this new vision for the "greening" of LA with Joe Edminston, who co-authored the report, and Stephany Pincetl, coordinator of USC's Sustainable Cities Program.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Stops in Sacramento in His Way to Shanghai - Today, for the second time in his presidency, George W. Bush touched down in California. Dan Morain, of the Los Angeles Times, reports that Bush repeated his terrorism "stump speech" to Sacramento business leaders, addressed military personnel at Travis Air Force Base, and then headed for an economic conference in China.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LA County Approves Two Million Dollars to Fight Bioterrorism - Although America's public health system is working, there's concern that the anthrax scare and thousands of hoaxes have taxed the infrastructure to its breaking point. Jonathan Fielding, LA County Director of Public Health, calls county supervisors' approval of two million dollars to combat bioterrorism a great assist to "a work in progress."

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