Controversy over Nielsen-s Electronic 'People Meters'

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Black and Hispanic interest groups and Rupert Murdoch-s Fox TV are allied against the company with a monopoly on TV ratings nationwide. For years, Nielsen Media Research has asked families in a secret audience sample to keep diaries of their viewing habits. Now, Nielsen is switching from diaries to -people meters,- with billions of advertising dollars are at stake, and Los Angeles is the latest battleground. Minority groups have long insisted that they are not appropriately represented by the Nielsen sample, and they say the -people meters" are making matters worse. Warren Olney joins the LA Times' Jim Bates and Alex Nogales of the National Hispanic Media Coalition for a look at the high-profile struggle that could help determine what all of us see on the tube.
  • Making News: Report on California Higher Education
    In 1960, California was the first state to promise every high school graduate a chance for college. Now, with 175,000 students unable to attend a community college, it-s become the first state to break the commitment. Today, the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education reported that the long-term prospects are even more dismal than previously thought. Bill Hauck, chair of the Campaign for College Opportunity, calls the situation a disaster.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Peter Ueberroth Named Head of USOC
    This year-s Olympic Torch is on its way from Mexico to Los Angeles, where the most businesslike summer Olympic Games in modern history were staged just 20 years ago. Just yesterday, the man who got the credit for pulling that off was chosen to head up this year-s US Olympic Committee. Alan Abrahamson, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, says that if anyone can fix what's wrong with the Olympics, Ueberroth can.

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