Cooley's Campaign Investigation; New Nukes

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The Bush Administration is bullish on nuclear power. Industry executives are reveling in the support of America's highest public official, but many scientists, including former members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, think nukes should be phased out. For years, safety concerns raised by accidents at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island caused public opinion to plummet. California's energy crisis has many reconsidering. Mark DiCamillo gives us the latest Field Poll results. Then a nuclear consultant and a public interest activist provide conflicting opinions on the safety and promise of nukes.
  • Newsmaker: District Attorney Links Becerra Campaign to Phone Calls - During the April primary, a radio ad impersonating Gloria Molina warned against LA mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa. The supervisor, who endorsed Villaraigosa, demanded an investigation. Today, District Attorney Steve Cooley revealed that the spot was the work of 4 members of the campaign of competitor Congressman Xavier Becerra.

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