Corruption Charges, Rivals Threaten Hahn's Mayoral Bid

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With less than a week until Los Angeles City voters go to the polls, two former Assembly speakers are giving Mayor Jim Hahn a real scare in his run for a second term. Hahn, who is battling charges of corruption, says former Assembly speakers Bob Hertzberg and Antonio Villaraigosa are Sacramento politicos who favor special interests rather than the interests of the city. Will he make history by losing in the primary? If he survives, will the run-off pit him against Bob Hertzberg or Antonio Villaraigosa? Will the deciding factor be TV spots on the air between now and next Tuesday? We get the latest on the mayoral race from Rick Orlov of the Los Angeles Daily News, Jaime Regalado of the Pat Brown Institute and Raphe Sonenshein, professor of political science at California State University Fullerton.
  • Making News: LA Teachers' Union Chooses New Leader
    There-s new leadership at the United Teachers of Los Angeles, at a time when the union has been without a contract for 18 months. Superintendent Roy Romer has offered a 1.5% raise and UTLA President John Perez promised at least 2%, but he's been ousted by A.J. Duffy, who said anything less than 7% would be a pay cut. Education writer Howard Blume is senior editor for the Jewish Journal and a contributor to the LA Times' Opinion section.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Rome to Return Axum Obelisk to Ethiopia
    Italy and Ethiopia have resolved a dispute that began when a massive, 1700 year-old carved pillar was shipped out of Africa and installed in Rome. Named after the town in northern Ethiopia, since 1937 the Axum Obelisk has been sitting in the Piazza di Porta Capena near the Coliseum. By the end of next month, it should be home again. Donald Levine, a professor of sociology at the University of Chicago, traces the obelisk's history. (This segment was originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)

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