Gearing Up for the Stanley Cup

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Los Angeles is one of more than a dozen California counties will no longer detain non-citizens at the request of immigration authorities who might want to deport them. The partnership that's led to record numbers of deportations during the Obama Administration is no more. Is it justice or a risk to public safety? Also, the Kings and the Rangers may ignite a new rivalry between LA and New York.  But, when it comes to ticket prices, New York is already winning hands down. 

Image Not AvailableLater, on To the Point, in New Mexico, kids are missing their white-flour tortillas. In Tennessee, it's bring back the biscuits. In Georgia, it's fried chicken. Nutritional standards for the federal school-lunch program don't always go down easy — and the processed food industry's not ready to swallow financial losses either. We hear about a dispute that goes from school cafeterias to Capitol the Obama White House.


Banner image: Immigration and Customs Enforcement