Day Two of Blackouts in Southern California

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A second day of rolling blackouts has given Southern California a preview of a long hot summer. Meanwhile, utilities and state officials seek a payment strategy to help relieve financial pressures on qualifying facilities that have suffered because of natural gas price increases. As consumers brace for a rate increase or tax boost to help the state to recoup costs, substantial conservation efforts become crucial. We look into the near and distant future of energy with a representative from Edison International, State Assemblyman Fred Keeley, and the head of the University of California Energy Institute. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Police Step Up Use of DNA Testing - When Costa Mesa police exhausted conventional techniques in a four year-old rape and murder case, they turned to new weapon, voluntary DNA testing. Lieutenant Ron Smith is leading the genetic dragnet. Deputy Public Defender Jennifer Friedman, who's been on both sides of the issue, raises concerns about subjects' medical privacy.
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