Dealing with the Chinese

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Mike Jendrzejczyk: Washington Director, Human Rights Watch Asia Dr. David M. Lampton: President, National Committee on US-China relations in NY. The committee is a long time educational and exchange organization. It brought the Chinese ping-pong team to the US in the 1960s. Melissa McClard: Lobbyist in the Government Relations office of the Family Research Council. Michael Swaine: Senior political scientist in international studies at RAND and Research Director for the Rand Center for Asia-Pacific. He has written several books on China and is the co-author of a new report: The Chinese Future. Paul Leventhal: President, Nuclear Control Institute, a Washington based research and advocacy group focused on non-proliferation. Robert Ebel: Director, Energy and National Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. Joel Wachs: Los Angeles City Councilman, representing the second district. He had supported the panhandling ordinance. Will Rogers: Columnist, Leader Papers and the Glendale News-Press

topic: Is the panhandling law unconstitutional?



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