Death and Devastation at Santa Monica Farmers' Market

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On Wednesdays, sawhorses close a two-block stretch of Arizona Avenue to traffic in anticipation of the Santa Monica Farmers- Market. The 20 year-old open-air market, the largest and most popular of the city-s four markets, draws shoppers from throughout the Westside. This Wednesday, in what looked like a horrific stunt from a movie, an elderly driver crashed through the barricades, knocking over people, produce, tarps and stalls. At least 8 people were killed, including a two year-old child. Another 35 people were injured, 15 of them critically. Police Chief James Butts called the accident the -single most devastating scene- he had encountered in 30 years. We hear more about the tragedy from a Santa Monica City Councilman, former State Senator Tom Hayden and several eye witnesses, including one who narrowly escaped being hit and another who pulled the driver out of his car.

Santa Monica's Wednesday Farmers' Market



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