Deaths Continue at 'Killer King' in South Los Angeles

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Critically ill patients were ignored at King/Drew Medical Center, even after electronic monitors warned of their failing conditions--and the patients died. But the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and its Health Department learned of the latest patient deaths not from Navigant Consulting, the firm hired late last year at $13 million to monitor King/Drew, but from the LA Times. That story produced another hearing today in the Supervisors' chambers. We hear what the hospital's troubles could mean for Los Angeles County from Charles Ornstein, one of the Times' reporting team that just won the Pulitzer Prize for exposing conditions at King/ Drew, and Jim Lott of the Hospital Association of Southern California, who testified before the Board.
  • Making News: Assembly Committee Approves State's Assisted Suicide Proposal
    By a five-to-three vote, an Assembly committee has passed a bill that could make California the second state in the nation to allow doctor-assisted suicide. Lynda Gledhill, who covered the hearing for the San Francisco Chronicle, says the California proposal is modeled on the Oregon law.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Dodgers' Home Opener a Sellout
    The Dodgers surprised the National League last year by winning the Western division, then promptly traded away several of their players. But today's opening game at Dodger Stadium sold out faster than any in the history of Chavez Ravine. David Greenberg, who reports on local sports franchises for the Los Angeles Business Journal, has more on today's game as well as a who's who of LA professional sports.

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