Democracy and the Two-Party System

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As the Green Party nominee for Governor in last year-s recall election, Peter Camejo made himself almost a household word. Independent Arianna Huffington was also in there punching with Democrat Cruz Bustamente and Republicans Peter Uberroth, Tom McClintock and--one time only, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But when Democratic US Senator Barbara Boxer squares off next month against Republican challenger Bill Jones, they-ll have the stage, TV cameras and subsequent news coverage all to themselves. Warren Olney speaks with Libertarian candidate Judge Jim Gray, who's angry about being excluded, and Xandra Kayden, a debate consultant to the League of Women Voters, which is sponsoring one of the Senate campaign debates.
  • Making News: White House Plans to Open More Forests to Logging
    When Bill Clinton ordered tens of millions of roadless national forests off-limits to logging, environmentalists thought they-d won a final victory, but they hadn-t counted on George W. Bush. Today, in Boise, Idaho, Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman proposed lifting Clinton-s rule, and giving state governors a major role in deciding where loggers can build new roads. Rocky Barker is following the story for the Idaho Statesman.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Drug Scandal Casts Shadow over Olympic Track, Field Trials
    Tim Montgomery may hold the world-s record for the 100-meter dash, but he won-t be running in that event during this year-s Olympic Games. At yesterday-s trials in Sacramento, he came in seventh. His companion, and the mother of his child, Marion Jones, also failed to make the team in the 100-meter event, coming in fifth. Elliott Almond covered the trials for the San Jose Mercury-News.

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