Democratic Convention - Day 2

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The special 2 hour edition of "Which Way, L.A.?" continues on day two of the Democratic National Convention. Join host Warren Olney and a variety of guests as they discuss the Convention, Shadow Convention, and the protest scene outside. Plus Louis Fantasia, Sandra Tsing Loh, and "Left, Right & Center".
  • Eric Roy reports from the streets of LA. (Listen)
  • Carol Sobel, delegate Ed Fouglia, and Zev Yaralzowsky talk from different points of view about the events last night at Staples. (Listen)
  • Jim Newton, city hall reporter for the LA Times talks about the city hall perspective on last night's protests, police and civil rights (Listen)
  • Fred Harris and Larry George share their points of view on Clinton, Gore and the convention. (Listen)
  • Mikey Kantor talks with Warren Olney about the end of the Clinton Presidency(Listen)
  • Warren talks with Terry McAuliffe, chairman of the Democratic National Convention. (Listen)
  • Joe Cerrel and author Richard Reeves talk about the history of the 1960 DNC. (Listen)
  • Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and Rob Houseman from the White House Drug Office debate drug policy over the past eight years. (Listen)
  • Louis Fantasia gives his thoughts on the spectacle of the first evening. (Listen)
  • Sandra Tsing Loh goes through the transitions from Shadow to Staples to Sidewalk. (Listen)
  • -Left, Right and Center- hosts Matt Miller, Robert Scheer and Arianna Huffington banter over past days events. (Listen)



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