Democratic Transportation Plan to Cut State Gasoline Tax

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With the price of gasoline at near record levels in California, Democrats have a proposal Republicans don't like. Assembly Democrats have unveiled a plan to lower the gas tax by 11 cents and get big money to build transportation projects all at the same time. The trade-off is a one-quarter cent increase in the sales tax. Republicans say it sounds like a shell game. Some policy experts say the working poor would be subsidizing middle class commuters. We hear both sides--from Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian N--ez and Republican Keith Richman.
  • Making News: Coastal Commission Goes to Court
    Since the Coastal Commission was created by California voters 29 years ago, it-s been the bane of developers and other property owners. Today, the State Supreme Court heard a case that could put the Commission out of business for violating the constitutional separation of powers. Bob Egelko, who covers the court for the San Francisco Chronicle, details what's at stake.
  • Reporter's Notebook: WalMart Meets with Inglewood Delegation
    Last year, Inglewood voters turned down WalMart-s plan for a superstore, but the giant retailer bought the property anyway. Last night we talked to former Inglewood City Councilman Danny Tabor, part of a delegation that went to WalMart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Tonight, we hear from Bob McAdam, WalMart's Vice President for Corporate Affairs.

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