Democrats Caught in Budget Gaffe

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California has been without a budget for 21 days, with each party blaming the other for the delay. Yesterday, Governor Davis blasted Republicans for refusing to balance the budget with new taxes. But the Democrats- case was not helped when a supposedly secret strategy session was accidentally broadcast over the State Capitol intercom. Listeners heard some members of the -progressive caucus- call for a further delay, to precipitate a crisis that could help their party in next year-s election. Republicans gleefully taped the meeting and told the press corps. What could it portend for the budget crisis? We hear from Republican Assemblyman John Campbell, who overheard part of the meeting, and the Speaker of the Assembly, Democrat Herb Wesson.
  • Making News: Rob Reiner Announces $100 Million for -Preschool for All-
    In 1998, California voters approved a $.50-a-pack cigarette tax to fund pre-school education. Proposition 10 is raising hundreds of million dollars a year for the state's 58 counties. Today, the First 5 Commission announced that $100 million will go to implement "preschool for all." Actor-producer-director Rob Reiner, a major supporter of Prop. 10, has been appointed by Governor Davis to head the commission.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Tuition at California Universities to Rise 30%
    Tough times hit higher education last week, as California State University Trustees decided to raise fees by 30 percent. University of California Regents approved a 25 percent hike that could jump to 30 percent. We hear praise of the hotly debated hikes from a Cal State Northridge economist, and condemnation from a UCLA student and veteran legislator John Vasconcellos.

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