Did LA Pass Its First Big El Niño Test?

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The first of this year's rains are over, but just for the moment. There's no doubt that El Niño will generate many more storms, and Southern California is braced for another onslaught of mudslides, potholes, flooded freeways and basements and mountains of trash swept out into the ocean. Millions of gallons of water will simply be lost instead of being saved to help battle the drought. Most urgent of all is the threat to the lives of some 29,000 homeless people. An LA County's Civil Grand Jury report says preparations for them were “unconscionable and grossly inadequate.” We get updates and look at what's next.

Photo: Bernt Rostad


Chris Ipsen - City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department - @ReadyLA, Jessica Levinson - Professor, LMU's Loyola Law School in Los Angeles - @LevinsonJessica, Carol Sobel - civil rights attorney, Jon Christensen - UCLA / Stamen Design - @the_wrangler

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