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Dr. Stanton Glantz: UC-SF Professor of Cardiology and member of the California Scientific Review Panel for Toxic Contaminants. Stephanie Williams: Director of Environmental Affairs, California Trucking Association. Gail Ruderman Feuer: Senior Attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council. Co-author and researcher of "Exhausted By Diesel: How America's Dependence on Diesel Engines Threatens Our Health." Dan Greenbaum: President, Health Effects Institute, Cambridge, MA. A research institute funded by the EPA and the motor vehicle industry. Mike Wang: Manager of Environmental Affairs, Western States Petroleum Association. Kathleen Tschogl: Manager of Environmental Affairs and Regulatory Affairs, Raley's Supermarkets. Rep. Antonio Villaraigosa: California Assemblyman (D-45 Los Angeles) and Majority Leader. Author of AB 1368, a proposal to reduce air pollution from diesel sources. Lee Baca: Chief of Field Operations, LA County Sheriff's Department. Tricia Crane: Founder of "Save Our Playgrounds" and parent of a child in the district.

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