Diesel California

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GAIL RUDERMAN-FEUER: A senior attorney with Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), one of the groups suing the government agencies over failing to reach clean air standards. DICK KREUTZEN: Lobbyist for Western States Petroleum Association. He has testified on both the Villaraigosa and Brulte bills. ANTONIO VILLARAIGOS: Assembly majority leader and the author of AB 1368, a proposal to reduce air pollution from diesel sources. STEPHANIE WILLIAMS: Director of Environmental Affairs for the California Trucking Association. CARL MOYER: Chief Scientist with Acurex Environmental Corporation, a consulting/engineering company that specializes in motor vehicle air pollution and emission reduction strategies and technologies. GLENN KELLER: Executive Director of the Engine Manufacturers Association, representing the manufacturers of engines for all applications other than passenger cars and aircraft. JOHN DUNLAP: Head of the State Air Resources Board since 1995. Formerly the Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Toxic Substance Control and an air quality specialist and transportation program manager with the South Coast Air Quality Management District.HUGH JONES: Formerly Southern California regional manager for Kaiser Permanente, unanimously approved by Board of Education to this new position. MELANIE WINTER: Managing Director of Friends of the LA River CARL BLUM: Deputy Director of LA County Department of Public Works




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