Diplomacy but No Trade Agreement at Summit of the Americas

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Since September 11, America's relations with it nearest neighbors have been sliding downhill. President Bush had high hopes for the Summit of the Americas, which wrapped up today in Monterrey, Mexico. Although the President appears to be repairing relations with Canada and Mexico, the United States failed to get what it wanted on free trade and corruption. Brazil and Venezuela were almost defiant. What does it all mean for American leadership of the hemisphere? What about agriculture and immigration? We hear what the President got-and what he didn-t, in a conversation with a reporter who covered the summit, and leaders of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs and the Inter-American Dialogue.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bill Jones Joins Fellow GOP's Trying to Oust Senator Boxer
    In the 2002 Republican primary to run against Democrat Gray Davis, former Secretary of State Bill Jones came in behind Bill Simon and Richard Riordan. His support for John McCain against George Bush two years before that cost him the backing of some powerful party leaders. Now, Jones is back in the fray, campaigning for the opportunity to challenge Democrat Barbara Boxer for her seat in the US Senate.

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