Divided Capitol & Presidential Ballot Recount

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After recounts and lawsuits, winning the White House maybe the easy part. The real challenge will come when the winner takes office. Since neither candidate will have a mandate and Congress will be split virtually down the middle, the next President may not be able to get anything done. We get opinions from several authorities including Norman Ornstein, of the American Enterprise Institute, and former Congressman Mickey Edwards. (Special rebroadcast of To The Point which aired earlier today.)
  • Newsmaker: After LAPD officer Rafael Perez's admitted that he fabricated evidence or lied in 75% of his own cases, the LA Superior Court has appointed a criminal defense attorney to examine some 2,000 cases for possible wrongful convictions. Gigi Gordon, who is working with no budget, office and no staff, joins us to talk about the mammoth task.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Al Martinez has just published his first novel. After 25 years at the Los Angeles Times and five works of nonfiction, The Last City Room translates real people and things into a fictional account to rexamine history and the way we perceive it.


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