DNA: Can a Family Member's Genetic Code Help Catch a Killer?

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Police in Los Angeles have arrested Lonnie David Franklin, Jr. in the 25-year-old serial murder case of the "Grim Sleeper." The breakthrough came as the result of a search that's commonly called “familial” DNA, a controversial practice in tracking down criminals. On our rebroadcast of To the Point, guest host Sara Terry examines the privacy issues raised by the practice and the reliability of the results. Also, Log Cabin Republicans challenge "Don't Ask Don't Tell," and it's the passing of an era for the New York Yankees. A look at the life of George Steinbrenner. 

Banner image: Suspected killer Lonnie David Franklin, Jr., dubbed the 'Grim Sleeper' for a 13-year break between his strings of 11 murders, is pictured during his arraignment in Los Angeles Criminal Courts on July 8, 2010. Photo: Al Seib/AFP/Getty Images