Do doctors know drugs?

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Despite the marvels of modern science, there's an avalanche of conflicting data on health and nutrition. What's a consumer to do? A low fat, high-fiber diet was known to insure against colon and rectal cancer--until a few weeks ago when two new studies showed it's not true after all. Large doses of vitamins C and E were supposed to ward off illness and aging--till a new report showed they don't. American consumers are more health-conscious than ever before, but they also may be more confused. In addition to conflicting reports about health and nutrition, they're besieged by advertising for brand-name drugs. But, doctors say that's creating demand for medicines patients don't actually need--or which might even be harmful. We ask some noted authorities for advice and counsel.
On Reporter's Notebook, Democrats are said to be worried about private polls showing a loss of support for Vice President Gore in California--the one state most important to his election in November.



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