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Though his vision is suspect, he sees downtown like few others. Don Waldie, a public information officer by profession, is a passionate devotee of Downtown Los Angeles. He's also author of the text for Real City: Downtown Los Angeles Inside /Out, a new book by photographer Marissa Roth. The visually-impaired essayist-poet leads us through this "walker's paradise," from Union Station to the Central Library, and shares his observations about the LA River, rapid transit, LA architecture, and suburbia. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: MTA Loses Consent Decree Battle - The Metropolitan Transportation Authority fought hard against a court-ordered consent decree requiring the purchase of hundreds of new buses to relieve overcrowding. Today, a federal appeals panel upheld the ruling. The Los Angeles Times' Jeff Rabin explains the significance and timeliness of the far-reaching decision.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Diane Watson Remembers Rose Ann Vuich - Rose Ann Vuich died Thursday at her home near Visalia in the Central Valley. The tough talking conservative Democrat was the first woman ever elected to the California State Senate. Congresswoman Diane Watson recalls the colleague who opened the door for countless other women and forced construction of a lady's room near the state Capitol Senate floor.

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