Double Standards in International Arms Race

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Germany says it will never participate in a war to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. Yet, Germany is providing Israel with submarines capable of firing nuclear missiles. Although it-s not being reported much in this country, or in Germany, the Israeli media are full of stories about the German arms sales to Israel. Meantime, Israel has become the second largest supplier of weapons to India. These sales also get more publicity around the world than they do here. LeRoy Woodson, who covered Iraq-s war on the Kurds back in the 1970-s, edits the online news service Woodson has more on international arms sales and the double standards of supposedly peace-loving nations. (This segment was originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: Governor Davis on Coastal Commission, Budget
    Courts have ruled that California-s Coastal Commission is violates the Constitution-s separation of powers because Assembly and Senate can hire and fire their appointees at will, giving the Legislature too much authority over an executive body. Governor Davis has signed a bill designed to save the Commission. Davis talks about his attempts to save the Commission, pass a budget, and address local homeland security.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Presidents and Anti-War Protestors
    Few presidents have faced the massive street demonstrations we-ve seen in the past weeks to protest President Bush-s plans for possible war in Iraq. Protesters filled the streets when Ronald Reagan put missiles in Europe, and the nuclear freeze movement also turned out massive crowds. The biggest of all occurred during the Vietnam War. Presidential counselor John Dean takes us inside the Nixon White House. (This segment was originally broadcast February 18 on To the Point.)

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