Downtown Revitalization

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Dan Rosenfeld: Asset Manager, City of Los Angeles. Member of the LA Civic Center Authority; co-leader of the team that put together the Civic Center Shared Facilities and Enhancement Plan (the official name for the 10-miute diamond.) David Fleming: Co-founder of charter reform; Chariman of Economic Alliance of San Fernando Valley; member, California Transportation Commission. Laura Chick : Member, Los Angeles City Council, representing the 3rd district in western San Fernando Valley David Tokofsky: Member, LAUSD Board of Education. Represents the 5th district. William Fulton: Urban planner, author of The Reluctant Metropolis; editor, "California Planning and Development Report." Senior research fellow at Claremont Research Institute. John Chase: Urban designer, City of West Hollywood; co-author Architecture and Urbanism of Everyday Life. Dave Fratello: Communications Director, Americans for Medical Rights, which sponsored Prop 215 and is now trying to get similar measures on the ballot in other states David Brooks: Senior Editor, The Weekly Standard David Corn: Washington Editor, The Nation



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