Dual Citizenship

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Jesus Galvis: Councilman for the City of Hackensack, New Jersey; he ran for the Senate in Columbia this past March (but failed to get elected) Ira Mehlman: Media Director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform Peter Spiro: Associate Professor of Law, who specializes in immigration and citizenship, Hostra University School of Law Noah Pickus: Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University; Director of Duke Workshop on Immigration and Citizenship Gregory Rodriguez: Research Fellow at the Pepperdine Institute for Public Policy; frequent contributor to The Los Angeles Times Opinion Pages Roberto Lovato: Post-graduate at the International Business Education and Research Program at USC; Commissioner for the L.A. County Human Relations Commission; former executive director of CARECEN Sean Walsh: Governor Wilson's Chief of Staff John Bird: Editor and Publisher of The Big Issue

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