Dueling Lieutenant Governors

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As with the office of Vice President, California-s Lieutenant Governor is said to awaken each day to make sure the Governor is breathing. Yet, in addition to serving as acting Governor in the Governor-s absence or incapacity, this sarcastically maligned public official sits on the UC Board of Regents, Cal State Board of Trustees, and the State Lands Commission, and occasionally casts the tie-breaking vote as President of the state Senate. Just 28 days before the election, we hear about the accomplishments and endorsements of the major candidates who would expand the office of the state-s second-in-command, incumbent Democrat Cruz Bustamente and his challenger, Republican state Senator Bruce McPherson.
Managing Editor Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Invokes the Taft-Hartley Act in West Coast Port Shutdown
    President Bush has intervened in the West Coast ports labor dispute by asking a federal judge to impose a cease-fire between the Pacific Maritime Association and the Longshore Union. Neil King, who is following the rancorous dispute for the Wall Street Journal, says that the ten-day old work stoppage is estimated to have cost the US economy over a billion dollars a day.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Cinerama Dome Reopens in Hollywood
    Built with a three-screen projection system, it was to be the Imax of the 1950-s. But with only seven films made to go with the system, the Cinerama Dome never caught on. Now, says Christopher Foreman, CEO of Pacific Theaters and champion of the restoration, the newly renovated movie palace is back-at least for a couple weeks.

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