E-Voting and Confusion at the Polls

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Five days before the election, some California voters are still worried about electronic voting machines. They are allowed to have paper ballots if they want them, but the option is only valid if voters know it exists. Some counties have instructed poll workers not to tell voters they have a choice. Orange County has been given special permission to train its polling place workers not to tell voters they have a choice. Will those who use electronic voting machines be treated like second-class citizens? We hear more from Kim Alexander, president of the California Voter Foundation, and Neal Kelley, Chief Deputy Registrar of Voters for Orange County.
  • Making News: 'Tis the Season to Be Wary of Slate Mailers
    If you're a registered voter, your mailbox is probably full of voting guides with patriotic symbols and titles like "Information Guide for Democrats... or Republicans... or just Early Voters." But don't take their word for it until you read the fine print says Allan Hoffenblum, a former Republican Party official who's now California's highly regarded, leading authority on legislative elections.
  • Reporter's Notebook: It's the Terminator versus the Boss in Ohio
    Ohio is one of the major swing states, and it's still too close to call, so both campaigns are bringing in the heavy guns--simultaneously. Governor Schwarzenegger goes to Ohio for Bush, while Bruce Springsteen is there for Kerry. Political types bill it the Working Class Hero versus the personification of the American Dream. Jonathan Riskind of the Columbus Dispatch calls it "the Boss versus the Terminator."

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