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Andrew Hindes: Senior Writer for Variety. Linette Rice: Writer who covers the six broadcast networks for the Hollywood Reporter. Brenda Bowen: Editorial Director of Scholastic Press, the hard cover division. She has been involved in children's books for 15 years. Dr. Marion Fukuda: A psychologist with LAUSD, working in elementary schools for the past 20 years. Dr. Judith Gerson: A teacher with at-risk youth who develops programs for teens. Involved with LAUSD since 1969. Cliffton Curry: Senior fiscal and policy analyst at the Legislative Analyst Office, a nonpartisan organization that provides policy and fiscal analysis to both houses of the state legislature. He focuses on juvenile justice, local law enforcement and local criminal justice systems. Assemblyman Keith Olberg: Republican representing Victorville and the spokesman for the Republican version of the School Bond. Barbara Saltzman: President and CEO of the Jester Company, publishers of David Saltzman's best selling children's book, "The Jester Has Lost His Jingle."

topic: Republicans oppose state school bond.



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