Editorial Turmoil at the Santa Barbara News-Press

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In the aftermath of what constituted a mass resignation, the Santa Barbara News-Press gave some newsroom veterans new titles today. But the job of editor goes unfilled, and it's unclear whether the paper's reputation for solid coverage will survive the hands-on control of news content by the wealthy owner, Wendy McCaw. The mass resignation has made the paper a national poster child for what happens when wealthy owners take a personal interest in what is--or is not--news. With rumors that the Los Angeles Times might be sold to local business leaders, what are the prospects for conflicts of interest and maintaining the trust and confidence of readers? We speak with a local activist and journalist, including a former 46-year veteran of the News-Press.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bush Administration Reverses Policy on Guant--namo Detainees
    After last week's supreme Court decision on inmates at Guant--namo Bay, White House spokesman Tony Snow said today, "We want to get it right." He released a Defense Department memo saying that terrorist suspects are entitled to the protections of the Geneva Conventions. Even before the announcement Demetri Sevastopulo had the story for the Financial Times.

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