El Niño Storms Are Finally Arriving, Is Los Angeles Ready?

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Mudslides, floods and road-closings have been predicted for weeks — and so has the plight of 29,000 homeless people who sleep on the streets of Los Angeles County. But today, the Civil Grand Jury called preparations "unconscionable and grossly inadequate." We get a response from local officials and update efforts to keep vulnerable people alive — including those who are mentally ill.

Later on the program, immigrants from Central America fear that family members will be deported. They tell KCRW they "live in a cave" while sympathizers help look for lawyers to handle their claims of asylum.

Photo: Jonathan Payne, a homeless man, takes down tarps he had used to protect his possessions during an El Niño-driven storm in San Francisco, California January 6, 2016. (Beck Diefenbach/Reuters)



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